Finn Spring

About Finn Spring

Finn Spring Ltd.

Finn Spring Ltd. was founded in 1991 and now employs approximately 80 people. The most important raw material of the family owned company is fresh, crystal clear spring water. We are located far from major cities, in the middle of the cleanest environment in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Today Finn Spring is the largest spring water manufacturer in Finland. SPRING AQUA Premium is exported almost all over the world. The company bottles more than 80 million liters of spring water based products annually.

Story of Finn Spring

Deep from the purest Finnish nature flows pure, clear water. Fresh spring water has been a privilege to people in our area for decades. In the middle of this unspoiled landscape lies the spring of Multila of which Finn Spring carefully bottles natural spring water. Pure water is luxorious almost anywhere else in the world. This is why Finn Spring started to bottle pure spring water for everyone to enjoy. Our spring water has a very low mineral content and its taste is therefore extremely fresh.

Spring Water

UNESCO has studied the quality of fresh water around the world and found that Finnish water has the best quality in the world. The business of Finn Spring is based on pure and natural spring water.

We are only using approximately 30 percent of the enormous total capacity of the spring of Multila. The water in a natural spring is constantly renewing and our water intake doesn’t has no effect on its normal function.


Finn Spring is FSSC 22 000 certified which guarantees good quality and food safety. We are testing the quality of our water with daily tests. The purity of water is the most important quality factor in our products.

Our production has been certified since 2001. Bureau Veritas Certification Finland gave Finn Spring quality certification ISO 22000 in 2007. With the help quality certificates we are able to prove that our products comply with food safety requirements. In 2013 Finn Spring was awarded FSSC 22000 certification.